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Cheap Flights to Dusseldorf

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About Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf is a city in western Germany situated on the banks of the River Rhine. It is a city with parks, squares, beautiful Old Town, interesting museums, and the city hosts one of the world’s largest commercial exhibitions.

Düsseldorf suffered greatly during World War II and the most architectural monuments had to be restored after the war. You should start getting to know Düsseldorf with the city center district the Altstadt. Here you should visit the Old Town Hall (16th century, currently the parliament) in the Marktplatz square and the Schlossturm Tower (19th century, former castle, now a museum, viewing platform) in the Burgplatz Square. Nearby you will find the beautiful St. Lambertus Basilica (13th century, brick, Gothic), the Goethe-Museum and the St. Andreas Church (17th century). Also it is worth to visit the cozy Kaiserswerth suburb which is known for its Baroque-style buildings and the ruins of the 12th-century Kaizerfalz Castle, which offer stunning views of the Rhine and its surroundings.

Düsseldorf is a green city with many beautiful parks such as Hofgarten Park in the city center, Nord park, Schloss Benrath Park and Palace and many more. Furthermore, it is worth to explore the modern Medienhafen district, where you can find the famous curved houses which were designed by O. Gehry. The most popular street in Düsseldorf is Konigsallee which is beautiful lit in the evenings and here you can find many famous brand shops, restaurants and cafes. Another popular pedestrian street is the Rheinuferpromenade, which is almost 2km length and stretches through several areas of the Old Town. In the evenings we recommend visiting the Altstadt area which is also known as the world’s longest bar, because it has more than 300 bars and clubs. The area is also famous for the dark beer Altbier which is brewed using ancient high-fermentation technology. In the Altstadt you can also try traditional dishes such as Diuseldorfer’s Senfrostbraten (steak with mustard), Rheinischer Sauerbraten (marinated meat) and Ahzezupp (pea soup).

Best time to visit

Weather in Dusseldorf is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, therefore summers are warm and winters are mild. Average temperature vary from 0° C in winter up to 24° C in summer. The best time to visit Dusseldorf is from May to September.

When choosing travel dates to visit Dusseldorf you should take into account tourist peak season which is between June and August, therefore, you could save money and avoid crowds in the shoulder months of May or September.

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