Cheap flights to Portugal

Cheap Flights to Portugal

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About Portugal

Portugal is a European country on the Iberian Peninsula along the Atlantic Ocean. Its geographical location near Atlantic Ocean has influenced many aspects of its culture, food and architecture. Furthermore, Portugal is divided by the Tagus river which separates country’s landscape in to two parts. Northern coast is cold and rocky, on the other hand, southern coast is warm and fertile. Generally, Portugal has little of everything from mountains and plains to sandy and rocky coastline.

In conclusion, Portugal besides its beautiful nature is famous for beautiful architecture, beaches and production of Port Wine. It is definitely a good vacation destination!

Here are the most popular destinations:
– Porto if you like city sightseeing and food
– Lisbon if you like city sightseeing, food and beaches
– Faro if you like city sightseeing and beaches

Best time to visit

Weather in Portugal is one of the warmer European countries year-round, however, it is also one of the wettest. Temperature varies from a lowest average of 17°C in January-March to 26°C in July-September. The best time to visit Portugal is from June to September.

When choosing travel dates you should also take in to account tourist peak seasons which are between June and August. You could save money and avoid crowds on shoulder months either March to May or September to October.

Accommodation and Car rental

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