Cookies Policy

Our Cookie Policy explains how Travelinch, our partners, and users of our services deploy cookies, also what options you have to control them. Collection, processing and storage of you information are explained in Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files with a certain amount of information which is sent to your browser in to computer, mobile phone or tablet device, so the website could store information about your browsing activity on Travelinch website. Cookies can be sent by our website (first party cookies) or by our partners (third party cookies), who ensure or provide advertising or analytics services on the website. Cookies hold data which are used to save your preferences(such as subscriptions, user registration or logging in information) to ensure fluent and efficient our website browsing, also some of them store information about your device or location, you can read more what kind of information we collect in our Privacy Policy. Also, in addition, you should read Google Privacy Policy regarding Ads personalisation and how Google uses information.

Our website and emails may use other tracking technologies for similar purposes as cookies, for example Web Beacons, Pixels, page tags or web bugs which may be used together with the cookies. They helps us to analyse your use of our website and improve our offered Services. If you choose to disable cookies they might still load but their efficiency could be limited.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies are used multiple reasons – to operate our website, personalize browsing experience, to improve advertising and functional performance and count the number of users of our website and see how such users navigate through our website, however, the cookies we use do not store your personal identifiable information and do not harm your computer. Also some cookies can be set when a page is loaded or when you take particular action. For more information how to control our used cookies please visit Controlling Cookies section below.

Types of cookies

Types of cookies could be distinguished depending on the duration and source:

Persistent – cookies which are stored for longer time (for example 1 year).

Session – cookies which are stored only while you are browsing website.

First party – cookies which are set by our website.

Third party – cookies which are set by our partners – other website who run content on Travelinch.

Sensitivity of cookies

Depending on the purpose there are two main sensitivities of cookies:

Necessary – cookies which are essential to browse our website – these are required to operate Travelinch website.

Non-necessary – these cookies are not necessary to operate website. This list of cookies includes performance, functionality and advertising cookies.

Performance cookies – tracks and counts the number of users of our website and see how such users use our website.

Functionality cookies – saves your settings or preferences for your next visit and help to customize your experience on our site.

Advertising cookies – collect information about your visited content and links, deliver more relevant content for you and track effectiveness of our Ads on third party websites.

Cookies list

_gaThird party1 yearGoogle Analytics cookie. Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitors uses the website
_gat_UA-131082737-1Third party1 minuteGoogle Analytics cookie. Used to throttle request rate.
_gidThird party24 hoursGoogle Analytics cookie. Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitors uses the website
viewed_cookie_policyPersistent1 yearFirst party cookie which saves personal cookie settings.

Also, Travelinch uses third-parties such as Google for Ads, their list of cookies can be found here.

Controlling Cookies

So If you want improved performance, more personalized content please keep our cookies and press Accept

However, if you want to opt-out non-necessary cookies press Reject

Please keep in mind that if you do not choose “Accept” or “Reject” and keep reading our posts, deals and using our services we will consider that you accepted our cookies.

Also if you want to delete all non-necessary and third-party cookies added by our website please Click here to delete

Information how to control cookies from Third-parties such as Google Ads can be found here or Facebook here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our use of cookies, you can find the most relevant contact details in our Privacy Policy