Cheap flights to Malaysia

Cheap Flights to Malaysia

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About Malaysia

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo and it is the world’s 44th most populous country. Furthermore, it is a multicultural country with diverse ethnic groups and different religions. Due to varieties of cultures and traditions made it food heaven. Country’s cuisine is a mix of India, China, Indonesia and Thailand cuisines.

Malaysia is famous for its rich natural heritage, such as 130 million year old rainforest with wide variety of fauna and flora. Furthermore, country has more then 800 islands and is one of the world most popular destinations for coastal tourism. Here you can find beautiful coastlines and beaches, secluded islands.

Best time to visit

Weather in Malaysia remains constant hot and humid year-round and the rainfall should be most important factor when choosing travel dates. Also, it depends on where are you travelling. Wet season on the east coast is from November to February and on west coast is from April to October. The best months to travel to west coast is from November to March, and to east coast April to November.

When choosing travel dates you should also take in to account tourist peak seasons which are from December up to January and June-August.

Accommodation and Car rental

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