Cheap flights to Sri Lanka

Cheap Flights to Sri Lanka

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About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean. Its history spans for over 3,000 years and some evidence proves human settlements of 125,000 years old. Furthermore, the island is quite small but it has a lot of biodiversity and wildlife. Many species of flora and fauna are only found on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka possesses almost 1600 km of coastline with tropical beaches and coastal features such as lagoons, rocky headlands and bays. Here you can find popular holiday’s activities include snorkelling, surfing, sunbathing and scuba diving. Besides beautiful nature Sri Lanka has rich history, which shows its ancient civilization and culture. Country has six UNESCO sites and number of country’s government protected archaeological and monument sites.

Sri Lanka is a good holiday destination where you have opportunity to experience and see many different things from water activities, beautiful beaches up to ancient ruins or local temples.

Best time to visit

Weather in Sri Lanka remains constant year-round about 26-30°C and the rainfall should be most important factor when choosing travel dates. Best time to visit, also, it depends where are you travelling – west and south or east coasts. Best time to visit west and south coasts is from December up to March, and east coast on April-September.

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